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Barima Waini from Pine Fields is beginning her show career in great style.
On 08.11.2009 she was shown inAarup on Fyn in Denmark and received 1 price and baby certificate. On 22.11.2009 was shown in Gelting in Germany and also got 1 price and baby certificate, but on to of that she was chosen the BEST PUPPY in SHOW.
Big thanks and congratulations to her owner Jette Jensen from Butterflys Papilloner in Denmark.



In our kennel sweet, lovely papillon puppies were born. The proud parents are CH.PL. Tamarin vom Schwabenhof and Jr.CH. Connection PINK PERFECTION. Three boys and one girl were born. For more information look under puppies, litter C.



International Dog Show in Wrocław

I have showed three dogs:

- Vittoria's Warm and Tender in puppy class and once again he got very promising and on top of that Best Puppy in Breed

- Uschi von den Kolibris got excellent and II place with silver medal.

- Tamarin vom Schwabenhof, got excellent, CWC, CACIB and Best Male Dog in Breed. With this sucess he has finished his Polish Championship.



We say goodbye to our little papillon girl Barima Waini from Pine Fields, that went to the Danish Kennel Butterfly Papilloner to Jette Jensen.
We wish you Jette all the best and as many show sucesses as possible.



National Dod Show in Warsaw

 Uschi von den Kolibris - got I place, excellent with gold medal. Receiving her first CWC she started of her Championship in open class.

Internationa Dag Show in Białystok
We have show three dogs:
- Tamarin vom Schwabenhof - II place with silver medal and res CACIB
- Uschi von den Kolibris - III place with brown medal
- Vittoria;s Warm and Tender - first show for him in puppy class. He received very promising and best puppy, beeing nominatedto the finals where he fought his way right to the top receiving BIS BEST PUPPY





We say goodby to our little girl Coton de Tulear Australian Dream that went to Greece. Be a lovely girl.




We would like to wellcome our new family member, Abigaile von den Kolibris, that has arrived few days ago from Germany. Thank you Mrs.Werthschitzky for leting me have Ammi.



Międzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych w Warszawie

- Tamarin vom Schwabenhof zajął II lokatę z oceną doskonałą.




Wonderfull news. In Pine Fields Kennel first litter of  papillon was born.

The proud Barents ore Junior Champion of Poland  Uschi von den Kolibris and Tamarin vom Schwabenhoff.


The litter is very beautyfull and eaven. We have  4 boys i 2 girls.


National Dog Show in Lublin

- Tila’s DAISY DEE
this young girl received today I place with gold medal and became Youth Winner and Best Junior.


- TAMARIN vom Schwabenhof – once again this tiny dog received I place with gold medal, CWC, as well as Best Dog in Breed and finaly he won the breed, receiving BOB

Somthing different……

In Pine Fields Kennel of Papillons and Cotons, today late in the evening, beautyful lizards Pogona vitticeps hached out of eggs. Here are some photo of this fascination event.


International Dog schow Prestige 2009 Leszno

TAMARIN vom Schwabenhof – once again showed himself from the best side. Once again he received excellent, first place, gold medal i CWC.

I also showed a very young and delicate bitch in youth class Tila’s Daisy Dee. She received excellent and took II place.

47. Kujawsko – Pomorska Dog Show in Bydgoszcz

This was an unforgetable day.

I showed two dogs:

Connection PINK PERFECTION –this very young bitch got excelent taking I place and reciveing the titles of Youth Winner and Best Junior. After such excelent judgement today she has finished her Polish Youth Championship haveing only 10.5 months.

I Gould like to sciencerely thank Ania Sitkiewicz for ma king such lovely photos
Anna thanks for such nice photos

TAMARIN vom Schwabenhof – what a great succes, he received excelent , I place with gold medal, CWC, as well as Best Dog and Best of Breed . Jet, this was not the only victory for the day.

In the finales he got I place in BEST IN GROUP

and II w BEST IN SHOW !!!!!


XVII International Dog Show in Łódź

Bardzo udana wystawa -
Connection PINK PERFECTIONshe took I place, got gold medal and Youth Winner


XXIV National Dog Show in Inowrocław

Great victory of Tamarina vom Schwabenhof
Excellent, I place, gold medal, CWC, and last but not least BEST OF BREED (BOB).

Connection PINK PERFECTION this time got II place with excellent and silver medal.

XXXIII National Dog Show in Grudziądz

Tamarin vom Schwabenhof once again got excellent and gold medal
But a very young bitch beeing in youth clas for the first time Connection PPINK PERFECTION otrzymała nie tylko ocenę doskonała, got not only excellent, I place and gold medal. She also got Youth Winner and Best Junior

Fini gru

XV Spring Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

Tamarin vom SchwabenhofTamarin vom Schwabenhof got excellent and a gold medal.


XIV International Dog Schow in Katowice

USCHI von den Kolibriswon the youth class and got Juniour Winner and Best Jounior in Breed. By this, in record time, she has finished her Youth Championship of Poland.


XXXIII Przemyska’s Dog Schow in Jarosław

Tree dogs were show and all took I places.

- TAMARIN vom Schwabenhof, I place, with gold medal

- USCHI von den Kolibris,
also I place, gold medal, winning the youth class getting Best Junior.

in puppy class, I place, supper promising puppy, and Best Puppy in Breed.

This was a very succesful show for us.


XXV Zielonogórska’s Dog Schow in Drzonków

TAMARIN vom Schwabenhof in intermediate class, got I place, excelent and CWC


V Walentine Dog Show in Bydgoszcz

TAMARIN vom Schwabenhoftook 2nd place with silver medal,
and our young bitch Connection PINK PERFECTION, got very promising puppy as well as Best Puppy in Breed.


II International Dog Show in Rzeszów

Thanks to kindness of Mrs. Beata Łupińska two dogs were show.
- TAMARIN vom Schwabenhof got 2nd place with excelent and silver medal.
- USCHI von den Kolibris also placed herself 2nd with excelent and silver medal.
Beatko, big thanks for your help.


X Winter National Show in Głogów

Three dogs were show and all came home with medals.

- FEMME FAMEUX Batiskajwas the Best Bitch in intermediate class and than she took the Breed (BOB)


- TAMARIN vom Schwabenhof got 2nd place with excelent and silver medal.

- USCHI von den Kolibris this was her first show and she wins the junior class and gets Best Junior.