Monika Maurer

My dogs are going in the world! All together 27 puppies on 4 continents and 13 countries of the World.

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Born : 17.04.2008
Weight : 4.700 kg
Wzrost : 29 cm
PL : free
PRA - OK : 25.01.2012
Uschi is Uschi one of the kind. When we picked her up in Germany on the way back home I knew that I can compare her to meself. Always busy, everything is on her head. The whole family has to be looked after. She has to comfort in sadness, give kisses when sad, look after the mess, call for dinner, get lots of hugs when there is a little time, and finally give a big goodnight. Only when she has her own puppies, we have to handle life alone, because her kids also need to be licked, fed, hugged, and put to sleep. Uschi is really unbelievable dog so warm, sincere, sweet, but most of all loving friend. When with her soft, warm nose she pushes my hand to pet her, I am in heaven.
25.01.2009 National Show in Głogów -Youth Winner
15.03.2009 National Show in Jarosław -Youth Winner
22.03.2009 International Show in Katowice - Youth Winner
- Best Junior
12.09.2009 - National Show in Warszawa - CWC
14.02.2010 - International Dog Show in Rzeszów - CWC
10.04.2010 National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - CWC
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