Monika Maurer

My dogs are going in the world! All together 27 puppies on 4 continents and 13 countries of the World.

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Born : 09.10.2007
Weight : 2.850 kg
Size : 24,5 cm
PL : free
PRA - OK : 25.01.2012
Minimann is our first Papillon that we have brought from Berlin . It was love at first sight. We have decided to buy a female and when we got an answer that only a male is available with his photos I started to cry at the computer. My husband thought that I have my midlife crisis and I was devastated that my dream dog is not a female. After a short discussion we decides, let's go for it anyway. We have never regretted out decision. Minimann is a wonderful companion and friend of the whole family. He has a very gentile character, and is the sweetest loving dog one can meet. Nobody can resist him with closer contact.
16.11.2008 National Dog Show in Kielce - Youth Winner
- Best Junior
07.12.2008 National Dog Show in Nowa Ruda - Youth Winner
- Best Junior
07.03.2009 National Dog Show in Drzonków - CWC,
- Best Male Dog in Breed
19.04.2009 National Dog Show in Inowrocław - CWC,
- Best Male Dog in Breed
- Best of Breed
17.05.2009 National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz - CWC
- Best Male Dog in Breed
- Best of Breed
24.05.2009 International Dog Show in Leszno - CWC
14.06.2009 National Dog Show in Lublin - CWC
- Best Male Dog in Breed
- Best of Breed
29.08.2009 International Dog Show in Białystok - Res.CACIB
27.09.2009 International Dog Show in Wrocław - CWC, CACIB,
- Best Male Dog in Breed
04.10.2009 National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - CWC,
- Best Male Dog in Breed
14.02.2010 - International Dog Show in Rzeszów - res. CACIB
25.07.2010 National Dog Show in Będzin - CWC
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