Monika Maurer

My dogs are going in the world! All together 27 puppies on 4 continents and 13 countries of the World.

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Born : 30.06.2008
Weight : 3,050 kg
Size : 25,5 cm
PL : free
PRA - OK : 25.01.2012
Fini comes from Finland. In Helsinki was our first kiss, kiss, time in a plane, and only at home we were able to really meet each other. Fini loves to feel the wind in her ears, after a ball she is quick as an arrow and if I was more of a sports type I think we could have a great time at mini agility. Well, I am a lazy bear, so my little sports woman lets go of her energy in our garden where I admire her movement. Always slim, swift, elegant, incredibly intelligent. After play time in the garden she loves to hop on the armchair where I sit and cuddle up on my neck and give herself away to dream world.
14.02.2009 National Show in Bydgoszcz - Best Puppy
15.03.2009 National Show in Jarosław - Best Puppy
18.04.2009 National Show in Grudziądz - Youth Winner
- Best Junior
03.05.2009 International Show in Łódź - Youth Winner
17.05.2009 - National Show in Bydgoszcz - Youth Winner
- Best Junior
13.03.2010 - National Dog Show in Jarosław - CWC
- Show Winner
10.04.2010 - National Dog Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - CWC
- Winner
14.11.2010 International Dog Show In Kielce - CWC
- res. CACIC
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