Monika Maurer

My dogs are going in the world! All together 27 puppies on 4 continents and 13 countries of the World.

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Born : 27.09.2009
Weight : 3 kg
Size : 28 cm
PL : free
PRA - OK : 26.07.2011
Skara came from Sweden. We went to pick her up by the whole family. Our oldest son took care of her all the way home. At night when after a few day trip we were welcomed by barking of our pets we decided that Skara will sleep with my son, to help her adopt to her new family. Unfortunately we had really bad luck. She was jumping on and off the bad being very happy, and one time jumping of she just broke her leg. It was very tragic for us. The consequences of this we feel till this day. Skara is very untrusting towards strangers. When she leaves the house she is unsure of herself and puts down her tail. She looks like a lovely fox with a beautiful long tail that she pulls after herself. At home it is a completely different story, she is the queen, that knows her value. To us she is a very affectionate girl that shows it in a very delicate and subtle way.
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