Monika Maurer

My dogs are going in the world! All together 27 puppies on 4 continents and 13 countries of the World.

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Welcome to our page and thank you for interest in our dogs. If you would like to purchase a dog from Pine Field Kennel I would very much appreciate if you could fill in the Inquiry Form. This will help me to get to know your needs as well as something about youself, your family, home and other pets. Are you looking for a dog as a pet or for show and breeding? Do you have any experiance with the breed or other once? The answer to all my questions will help me to offer you the best dog, that will be a match for you.

Your full name
Your e-mail address
Full postal address
Telephone number with country and city code
In which breed are you interested Papillon Coton de Tulear
Please describe your family situation (children, other pets, where you live)
Do you have any experiance in dogs and/ or chosen breed?
What are you plans for the dog:
What are your preferences for your dog (sex, colour, age)
Any other information that you would like to share with me

Thank you for for sharing these informations with me. Surely they will help me to offer you the best possibile dog available. I will contact you as soon as possibile. If you will not get an answer within 48 h please resend the mail (it means I did not get the first one).