Monika Maurer

My dogs are going in the world! All together 27 puppies on 4 continents and 13 countries of the World.

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Pine Fields is a small kennel of Cotons de Tulear and Papillons of which I dreamed all my life. I love all animals, and when I was still a little girl I carried home all the poor injured animals like pigins, bats, frogs, and of course homeless dogs. Together with my mum we took care of them and once they were strong and healthy, we let them go. Dogs also had to find new homes, because my parents did not allow to keep a dog in our flat.
My love for the furry four leged creatures never fadded away, and when I became an adult, dogs and cats were always with me. I tried to breed cats, but working full time away from home, was stressfull for my beloved pets as well as for me. It was iresponsible to leave a young mum with her youngsters for more than 10 hours in a dead empty locked house. It almost broke my heart, but I stopped, promising myself that one day, when I have kids, family and I will be at home, I will get back to breeding.
Several years later having three kids, living in a big house with a garden, seemed ideal moment to come back to my promise and make my dream come true.
The impolse was when my oldest daughter wanted a small, white, fluffy dog that she could sleep with. I started with my husband to search internet, for a breed that could be ideal for us and we came across Cotons. The choice was fantastic. Our little female bitch Femme Fameux Batiskaj enchanted the whole family in no time at all. Very soon we could think of nothing else except when will she have sweet little puppies.
Simultaniously I started to look for breed that reminded me of my first dog that was a mix and lived with us for 19 years. After some searching I got to the conclusion that she was mostly Papillon. In a very short time our first male Papillon – Tamarin vom Schwabenhof came to our house. After him female bitches: Uschi von den Kolibris, the biggest little devil Connection Pink Perfection, sweet Abigail von den Kolibris and second male Vittoria’s Warm and Tender . This little bunch gave the beginning of my Kennel from Pine Fields, making my dream come true.
I would like to thank my husband, my children and the whole family for their great support and help in this project and for the love that they have for me and our wonderful dogs.

Monika Maurer